Managing Web Editor

Managing Web Editor, Publishing, Svenska Yle

Hakuaika päättyy 20.11.2011

Job description:

Emphatic and professional visionary Managing Web Editor, with slight tendencies towards being an asshole.

A managing web editor for Yle Swedish wanted. We are looking for someone frustrated about not finding the Twitter share button in the newspaper. The ideal candidate is inspired by freedom but also the responsibility of working in public service.
We asked a panel of over 120 experts on Facebook and found that:
– 45% believe it is most important that you are a visionary
– 23% think your professionalism should be your predominant feature
– 10% think you absolutely have to be empathetic
– 4% think that your main characteristic is to be an asshole.

Some quotes from the panel:
”There are lots of studies showing that empathic therapists are the most effective in getting people to feel better. There is also a corresponding relationship between an empathic teacher and school performance. I think that it should be the same for managers, right? ” – Magnus Johansson, Social worker and therapist, Stockholm

”The manager must be a visionary, too, but visions alone are not enough. Professional is probably the best summary; it doesn’t exclude anything that I think is important. ” – Tobias Larsson, Programme Host Yle Helsinki

”Surprised myself [by voting] ‘visionary’. But democratic and a sort of organizing sense is also important. Or like this: if you have a lot of managers, there should be at least a couple of visionaries, and then those who make sure things work. ” – Sebastian Bergholm, Programme Host Yle, Turku

”[You need] a serious visionary asshole.” – Josefine Adolfsson, award-winning screenwriter and documentarian, Malmo

Your job:
We are looking for an editor who can develop as a credible and innovative web service. You should strive for greater openness, in which users increasingly participate in the production of content through discussing it.

Your tasks will include:

  • Setting the agenda for
  • Coordinate the work between all web desks in Pasila and regions
  • Develop our web journalism and our web services
  • Coordinate production of live broadcasts on the Web
  • Tolerate and be inspired by geek humor from bearded developers

Your main qualifications include the ability to lead with a strong and broad journalistic skillset, preferably with experience in news and other journalistic genres, as well as a knowledge of the content production for the Web. This is full-time employment.

Paikkakunta Location: Helsinki
Lisätietoja tehtävästä Further information about the job:
Sami Kallinen +358 400-129499