Introducing Teemo, SYND’s newest member

Hi everyone, its nice to meet you! My name is Teemo (@teelmo) and I’m the latest member of the awesome SYND team. I became a ”Yleläinen” in early December.

I’m a 27 year old web fanatic (if I may say) and I’ve been online for as long I can remember. I graduated as M.Sc. from the Tampere University of Technology in June 2010. For the last three years I worked at the Hypermedialaboratory (cheers to You!) as a researcher. My job involved various projects that included mostly web service development and social media analysis (SNA). In Hypermedialaboratory we worked mainly with Django and Drupal when it came to web services. GephiGource and various JavaScript tools like d3.js, Protovis and Highcharts when it came to visualizing and analyzign data.

I’ve been keen on visualizing data for some time now. My thesis work dealt with web service monitoring and visualization of surveillance data. More recently I’ve become more interested in concepts like open data, data journalism and visual storytelling. For example players like Open Goverment Data CampNY timesBBC and are forerunners in these areas. In Finland YLE, Apps4FinlandHelsingin Sanomat and Helsinki Region Infoshare are examples of players that make data available. My interests also include user experience and usability, which I think are the the most important aspects to be considered in any project.

So what I’ve actually done. Well all kinds of web related projects actually. For example web sites and web services for various bodies. Recently I’ve used mostly Drupal for these projects. The most closely related to SYND would be Utain. Utain is a magazine published by the journalism students at Tampere University. In the project we replaced the old and clumsy system with a more robust Drupal based system. The work was done with the co-operation of the students. I’ve also contributed in many open source happenings and seminars like Avoimen datan talkoot and Datajournalismin päivä 2011.

Well why I applied to YLE? Well basically there are two reasons that I’ve concluded so far. Firstly I was eager to search for new challenges. YLE has always seemed to me like a cool company and from my point of view a lot of interesting things happen within YLE. Also the interviewers passion and enthusiasm got me convinced that YLE would be a good choice. Secondly of course, the job application was just too hilarious to be missed 🙂

At YLE I hope to achieve influence in the areas of my interest. I see that the ideas and concepts that interest me could have a social interest and could be useful in general. In the SYND project I hope I will be able to give perspective and deliver my expertise from the many Drupal projects I’ve worked with previously. My motivation arises from good solutions that benefits and pleases users.

So much could be said but I’ll try not to bore you any further. Keep in touch with the SYND project.

More important than know how to do everything is to know what can be done

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