5 days to first pilot-webcast

Its now 5 days to go to our first week. On tuesday we will try to make the first pilot (which will not be webcasted)

I have realized that  I will have about half of the the stuff I need. My biggest fear is that my cameras should arrrive to Finland on monday so I would have 1 night to get them working. In a way its nice to know that the lights and the light-rigging wont be ready so its I can work with secondary solutions. On the solutions I have made the following as mixer I will use Sony MCS-8M and the cameras will be Panasonic AG-AF101 and HE160-robotcameras.

The fun part is that the parts that I have seems to be working quite well so I’m semi-confident that most of the things will run smoothly.

I attach new pictures from the studiofloor and the controlroom