Who is Jarno?

Greetings everyone!

My name is Jarno Marttila and I am the new ‘Teemo’, or incase you don’t yet know Teemo. I’m the new datajournalist for Yle Svenska. I joined the merry band of YLE just a few weeks ago, mid-January.

Well who am I. I guess I’m a lot of things, or maybe one could even say in Finnish a ‘jokapaikan höylä’ (a jack of all trades..) when it comes to data and information analysis and visualizations. I’m 28 year old Diploma Engineer with a major in Hypermedia, though I have studied a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my way.

Past three years I have worked as a researcher at Intelligent Information Systems Laboratory, previously known Hypermedia Laboratory, at Tampere University of Technology with tasks involving all kinds of cool things, including but not limited to, Social Network Analysis and Information Visualization and web-development. My tools of choice in graph and network visualization have been Gephi, Gource, and Javascript libraries such as d3.js, JIT and highcharts when it comes to visualizing and analyzing data. In web-development I’ve mainly dealt with drupal.

In my Master’s thesis I studied on data-driven social network analysis in context of Children’s Parliament of Finland. Lately I’ve been into information visualization techniques and methods of creating insight into complex data-sets. At TUT I’ve done many projects related to gaining and communicating insight into different kinds of data. Whether it has been studying an impact of Government Official in social media or mapping service potentials for customers customers in heavy industry.

Cliques, networks, outliers, factors and facts that explain why data is what it is, and what connects to what, and why things are how they are excite me. Hence a jump into telling stories with information visualization and data-analysis in context of news, or in grander terms in context of data-journalism was a natural leap of faith for me.

At YLE I wish to create interesting and important data journalistic stories for people to consume. As there’s almost nothing more intriguing than succeeding in finding stories from data and implementing them so that they communicate to the readers.

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