Screenmirroring with Ipad to videomixer and backgroundscreens


I have done a video where I show an easy way to make a tacticalscorboard for example for a sportbroadcast.

The pros are fast building and cheap, the cons are a couple of seconds lag.

The functionality is all up to witch app you choose to use. I have tested 5 and did realativlly fast decided which is my personal favorite.

The psycical setup

– Ipad connected to AppleTV with Airplay screenmirroring (Ipad and AppleTV are in the same Wifi-network)

– AppleTV (3g) is connected (1080p) with HDMI-cable to BMD HDMItoSDI-miniconverter

– HDMItoSDI is connected with HD-SDI to BMD UpDownCross-miniconverter (1080i OUT)

– UpDownCross is connected to CasparCG-videoserver (HD-SDI)

– CasperCG is connected(HD-SDI) to background videoscreen and videomixer.

You can of course connect the UpDownCross straight to your videomixer and use an Aux for playing out to backgroundscreen. I prefer to use Caspar but it is one more computer.

hope you enjoy it