Yle Vox first test boradcasting

Hello world

On monday we will have our first public test for our Voice Operated eXchange our switch.

What we have done is in a radiostudio splitted the microfones and connected the signal to a Shure automixer that recognize when there is sound in the mic. The automixer gives a GPIO to an Arduino that with Skjaarhojs libaries gives a comad to an ATEM TVS to cut to a camera. As cameras we use GoPros (3 BE and 3+). When the signallight in  the studio goes off the swither goes to an input with CasparCG(server 2.0.7beta) where we run a an html-page with a longshot-picture over it.

The resolution for the system is set to 720p and the list of equipment used are

– 1 passive microfonesplitter
– 1 Shure audio automixer
– 1 Arduino Uno+ethernet shield
– 1 BMD ATEM Television Studio
– 1 CasparCG server (HP Z400 + 2 BMD Decklink SDI)
– 5 GoPro-cameras
– 1 Datavideo DAC-70 (splitting Longshot GoPro to mixer and CasparCG)

We will as soon as our test is competed put out the exact specs including schematics and Arduino-code.

The test broadcastes can (hopefully) be seen at

http://arenan.yle.fi/tv/direkt#webcastlist  (seek for program named ”Succémorgon”)

monday 31.3 until thursday 3.4 at 4.00-8.00 CET (6-10 finnish time).

On fridaymorning I will try to use the Vox as a secondery videoswitcher..

best markus