Yle Vox first test boradcasting

Hello world

On monday we will have our first public test for our Voice Operated eXchange our switch.

What we have done is in a radiostudio splitted the microfones and connected the signal to a Shure automixer that recognize when there is sound in the mic. The automixer gives a GPIO to an Arduino that with Skjaarhojs libaries gives a comad to an ATEM TVS to cut to a camera. As cameras we use GoPros (3 BE and 3+). When the signallight in  the studio goes off the swither goes to an input with CasparCG(server 2.0.7beta) where we run a an html-page with a longshot-picture over it.

The resolution for the system is set to 720p and the list of equipment used are

– 1 passive microfonesplitter
– 1 Shure audio automixer
– 1 Arduino Uno+ethernet shield
– 1 BMD ATEM Television Studio
– 1 CasparCG server (HP Z400 + 2 BMD Decklink SDI)
– 5 GoPro-cameras
– 1 Datavideo DAC-70 (splitting Longshot GoPro to mixer and CasparCG)

We will as soon as our test is competed put out the exact specs including schematics and Arduino-code.

The test broadcastes can (hopefully) be seen at

http://arenan.yle.fi/tv/direkt#webcastlist  (seek for program named ”Succémorgon”)

monday 31.3 until thursday 3.4 at 4.00-8.00 CET (6-10 finnish time).

On fridaymorning I will try to use the Vox as a secondery videoswitcher..

best markus

Screenmirroring with Ipad to videomixer and backgroundscreens


I have done a video where I show an easy way to make a tacticalscorboard for example for a sportbroadcast. http://youtu.be/oU2MuJE9mok

The pros are fast building and cheap, the cons are a couple of seconds lag.

The functionality is all up to witch app you choose to use. I have tested 5 and did realativlly fast decided which is my personal favorite.

The psycical setup

– Ipad connected to AppleTV with Airplay screenmirroring (Ipad and AppleTV are in the same Wifi-network)

– AppleTV (3g) is connected (1080p) with HDMI-cable to BMD HDMItoSDI-miniconverter

– HDMItoSDI is connected with HD-SDI to BMD UpDownCross-miniconverter (1080i OUT)

– UpDownCross is connected to CasparCG-videoserver (HD-SDI)

– CasperCG is connected(HD-SDI) to background videoscreen and videomixer.

You can of course connect the UpDownCross straight to your videomixer and use an Aux for playing out to backgroundscreen. I prefer to use Caspar but it is one more computer.

hope you enjoy it


the last round


After 2 weeks of intensive building,testing and we are now 5 days from the premiere. 12.3 14.30 (local time) we will air our first live webcast from our studio.

What has happened:

in week 8 (18-22.2) we had our pilot-week were we did tested both the technical aspect and the program-sudstans.

In the technical way I was forced to use a old Sony Anycast (SD-SDI) as a mixer, my PTZ (pana HE120) arravied in the afternoon the day before the first pilotday and my AG-AF101 arrived just before the last pilotday.

My conlusions of the pilotweek were:

– I can’t get Screenmonkey to work as a insert playout-system over SDI (Decklink) even if it works OK with my laptop over HDMI.

– For intercom it is easier to take an old Clearcom and make it work together with my BMD StudioConverter than to use Datavideos intercom, even if I loose the tally.

– CasparCG is working very well as just a videoplayout system.  When I finally did get my CasparCG sytem up and running I was amaized how easy it was to use . I still haven’t had the time to figure out how I configure both my channels on my Duo-card to play out simontainsly two different signals.

– and my LED-lights are still on their way from China towards Finland and will arrive ”too late”. This is one of those times that I’m glad working for a big company were it isn’t a problem to lend 6 Arris and 6 miniflows for a couple of weeks.


I will post some pictures as soon as I have the possiblitys. Also I will try to dig a bit deeper in to CasparCG.


best Markus

5 days to first pilot-webcast

Its now 5 days to go to our first week. On tuesday we will try to make the first pilot (which will not be webcasted)

I have realized that  I will have about half of the the stuff I need. My biggest fear is that my cameras should arrrive to Finland on monday so I would have 1 night to get them working. In a way its nice to know that the lights and the light-rigging wont be ready so its I can work with secondary solutions. On the solutions I have made the following as mixer I will use Sony MCS-8M and the cameras will be Panasonic AG-AF101 and HE160-robotcameras.

The fun part is that the parts that I have seems to be working quite well so I’m semi-confident that most of the things will run smoothly.

I attach new pictures from the studiofloor and the controlroom




DIY TV-station


I stumbeled over the following link when I was googling if screenmonkey can be output through a Decklink-card

DIY BROADCAST : How to build your own Internet TV Channel with Open-Source & other goodies



This blogg by Nicolas Well shows in a for me as a public service-man that the industry still needs public service-companies who are not affraid to try to build something that they need and then share it for free (meaning Ingex and CasparCG).

I could also tips everyone to go and check out the BBC reasech and development. Amaizing stuff

b Markus

Running scared?

Good morning.

After a good nights sleep I starting to doubt that I should choose the BMD ATEM 1ME (2ME) switchers. The reason is that I ”found” the Sony MCS8M switcher. It is a updated version of the old Sony Anycast. The kitchenpsycholog in me tell me that this is a way for me to play it safe. I have been using Anycast for over half a decade without any problem so due to my limited timeschedule I just think that MCS8M is a way for me to buy myself more time. What I don’t know is if it’s a better switcher or not.



webstudio in progress


Now I have come so long that I have started to doubt myself. But still I have started to do a first flowchart

I did just get an Sony BRC-H900 for testing and I was suprised in two ways. The first was when I had it connected to a Sony HD-monitor and then I thougt the picture was brilliant. Then I took it to our studio and connected it as SD beside our 6-year old BRC-300 made a spot with both daylight and tungsten beside each other, Took down the lighting and compare the two pictures in the same monitor. I was really suprised to see that I could easily mix those pictures together. Of course the H900 had more details in black and little less noice, but not so much that you could justify to put around 10000€ per camera. Of course if your going to go HD then it is a differrent thing, but still I now leaning towards the Pana HE120. Next week I will have the opportunity to test H900, HE120 and AF-AG101 with my TVS-switcher witch I think will tell me a lot. I will record a short sample if I remember.

I did take some pictures with my phone from floor where we will build our studio.

and here will our controllroom be.



This is my attempt to take an new approach to technical planning. I know that I find it interesting to share and discuss my opinions about how things should be function. I also believe that there are several point of views that I haven’t thought of.

This is a call to make something different.

What are we doing.

We are building what we call a Web-studio with the possibilities to stream live. The project has two phases

Phase One: We build in Radio X3M:s office a studio-floor and about 30 meters from that in a old radio-control room our video and audio-control-room.

Phase Two: Near the control-room we build a small studio (5x6m) for more static program. The vision is an videowall and 4 PTZ.

Our deadline for Phase One is that our first program should air 12.3.

The program will consist of interviews (2 or 3 persons), some pre-made inserts and sometimes some artists who will perform live acoustically.

From the INNEHÅLL there has been the following requests

– a visual look that reminds of DSLR

– a screen to play live stuff like Skype, webpages, Youtube-videos and so forth.

– we have 2 cameramen and 1 sound for 3 hours every recording session


My thought about have to build it is

2x Panasonic AG-AF101 cameras

3x Panasonic AW-HE120W cameras


X-keys-controlboard (1×24)

2x Panasonic AG-HPD24 P2-recorders

BMD 16×16 videohub

2x BMD Camera converter and 1x Studio converter

1 digital soundboard (probably an Yamaha)


If i split up why I consider the following setup we have the following

YLE is a P2-company who’s productionformats are 567i50 or 1080i50.


The cameras i did check the following

Canon and Nikon DSLR has an output that is 1080i60 (checked with 550D, 7D, 5D mkII & D5000)

Panasonic DSLR could work but HDMI-out is problematic

BMD Cinema Camera has an output of 1080p25 and can’t promise delivery

Panasonic AF101 has 1080i50 out through BNC

with the PTZ I checked both Panasonic HE120W and Sony BRC-Z700. Somehow I just like the Panasonic picture more. But has anyone used both so that you have hands on experience?

As mixer I thought that ATEM M/E1 is the one who is most versatile and can handle both HD and SD. The and don’t think that the Panel is needed but think that you its more effective to have a set of X-keys to mix and then with our mouse control keys graphics and more. Maybe this is influenced because I don’t see that the mixer isn’t the one who chooses graphics or starts inserts with more.

I don’t see in the near future that we need more than M/E1s 8 inputs.


Because I see the importance of being able to put live-stuff splited to both the screen in studio and to the mixer I’m thinking of the possibility to use Screenmonkey. Has anyone ane experience of using Screenmonkey. One limitation of Screenmonkey is that you can’t scroll down webpages, Has anyone else come across this or is it in my setup?


The recordingmedia I think that P2 wins over BMD Hyperdeck Studio in 2 ways, our user are used to have their own P2-cards with them and Hyperdeck Studio SSD-hardisk are not straight usable in PC:s.


The lightning I’m testing Socanland 100W LED-fresnels. Have anyone any experience of these or has anyone compared 30×30 Bi-focus LED to Fresnel-LED. I think that Fresnel is better to use and if I comparing the build of Socanland to Sola, I think that Socanland has an big advantage. But I’m a bit concerned of how long the Socanland would last.


Markus Nygård

Technical Producer / Svenska YLE